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The most innovative and safest professional oil filtration system on the market, can be yours today. 


The VITO® 80 is the flagship of in-fryer filtration. This model has 2 removable metal pre-filtering screens and 60% more suction than it's little brother the VITO® 50, making it ideal for all fryers 35 to 80 lb volume. Able to filter 10 fryers consecutively before taking a cooling break, this workhorse is ready to go. Circulates 80 litres/min. and is suitable for fryers up to 40L capacity. Cycle Time - Adjustable: 5 - 12 mins Dimensions: W 7.5" x H 19.3" x L 7.5" Weight: 17 lbs


The VITO® 50 is ideally suited for filtering everything from table-top electric fryers, to standard gas floor models. Small to medium volume applications faring on the lighter side of the sediment scale is what this machine was designed for. Food trucks, fine dining, breakfast spots and french fry specialists are just a few of the operators. Circulates 50 litres / minute and is suitable for fryers up to 16L capacity. Cycle Time: 4.5 mins Dimensions: W 4.6" x H 14.0" x L 6.9" Weight: 16 lbs

VITO Oil Particle Filters 50 & 80

VITO® Oil Particle Filters - 100pcs VITO 50 / 80 Filters are boxed 100 filters per carton. These special 96 layer woven cellulose filters are the heart of the VITO system. It is important to note these filters are multi-use. Their lifespan is 6-12 filtrations per filter depending on your food mix and volume through the fryer. $324.00

Fryer Sediment Basket

Fryer Sediment Basket is an incredible tool for operations generating large volumes of sediment in the fryers. WORKS GREAT FOR HEAVY FLOUR dusting operations. Hand made from 100% food grade Stainless Steel these are designed to "live" in the fryer under the existing grill and not interfere. Use it with the Vito Oil Filter to maximize filter life or on its own to make removing debris a snap. Small $315.00 (14 inch) Large $415.00 (18 inch)

VITO® Digital Oil Tester

Create a reliable and repeatable standard - to gauge the best time to change your oil. Usually this is only a guess - and totally subjective and unreliable. Measuring the accumulated T.P.M. (Total Polar Materials) is the most accurate way to know the true "health" of your oil from a chemical standpoint. $723.00

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