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Our Customers

Owner/Operator Dave Thompson
It was obvious from the beginning that we were seeing results, our cook times were faster, the product coming out of the fryer is more consistent and better quality and the oil was lasting longer, a lot longer……. I frankly didn’t believe we would see the results you were guaranteeing but we have, our oil consumption has dropped by 40%!!!

...we are on track to save just over $12,000 a year in oil!

Executive Chef Felix Pfister
We love the Vito and we see of course less changes of oil. The product quality on fried items is better for longer periods.

Over the past two and a half months, we have saved about $4500 and are highly impressed.

Owner/Operator Kevin Sembaliuk
The ease of use of the VITO makes it possible to filter more than once a day, which we have noticed has greatly improved our product quality. The savings in oil are substantial, based on our current volume the VITO has allowed us to nearly double the life of our oil so we are now getting up to 9-10 days.

Chef Scott Milam

I am very impressed, my oil consumption has been cut from eleven pails of oil down to six per week. We only run two fryers here but they are kept very busy because of the amount of fish, wings, nacho and fries that we blanch and cook throughout

the week but the quality of the oil is always top notch.

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