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Thank you for purchasing VITO®! Our products are designed and manufactured in Germany using the latest technologies and highest quality materials all engineered to provide ease of use and trouble free operation. This document outlines the warranty coverage offered with your product as well as important information on how to proceed should the need arise.


Year One Limited Warranty (12 months): All VITO® Oil Filtration Systems and VITO® Accessories carry a parts and labour warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of original purchase. Within this time period repair or replacement of defective products will be at our sole discretion. Inbound transportation to the repair center for warranty evaluation is the responsibility of the customer. Return transportation on warrantable repairs will be provided free of charge under this warranty.

Year Two Extended Warranty -Major Component (12-24 months): Effective January 2014, certain models of VITO® Filtration Systems became eligible for an optional 12 months of parts only warranty covering the main circuit board and electric motor, for a fee of $149. During the 12-24 month period (from original purchase) warranty evaluation and repair must be performed by an authorized VITO service center. As parts only this extended warranty does not cover the cost of labour and transportation. Please consult your delivering dealer to confirm eligibility.

The warranties above are not intended to cover wear and tear from normal use or cosmetic / mechanical damage from accidents or mishandling however caused. This warranty is void should a failure result from fire, freezing, water exposure, improper storage, mishandling, immersion, neglect, improper use, unintended use, acts of god, shipping / handling or non O.E.M. replacement parts. Systemfiltration Canada and its authorized dealers assume no responsibility or liability for; loss of use, damage to property, product or personnel resulting from neglect, inappropriate, untrained or careless use of VITO® products. Product repair or replacement under warranty does not extend the original term of the warranty.


Authorized Systemfiltration Canada service locations are the only agents permitted to perform warranty service on VITO® products. Attempts by anyone other than an authorized agent to disassemble, modify or tamper with your VITO® product will immediately void all warranty coverage. A list of authorized agents can be found online at or by calling 1-877-VITO-OIL. Keep your original receipt as it may be required to verify your date of purchase for warranty eligibility.


Should a concern arise with the operation of your VITO® product, immediately discontinue use and contact your local representative using the contact information below. They will advise on the next steps and also provide detailed shipping information should your product require further evaluation and-or warranty service. Do not send your product in for warranty without first contacting your local representative for authorization and specific shipping instructions.