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Build consumer awareness about the benefits of eating at locations that “micro filter” the carbon from their oil, by displaying your Certified VITO Oil Filtration User decal.

About Us

SFC Systemfiltration Canada is an affiliate company of JF Foodsytems Ltd. and is the official Canadian importer of the VITO Oil Filtration system from Germany. JF Foodsystems Ltd. has been operating in the Foodservice Industry for more than 50 years.

The VITO Oil Filtering System is manufactured in Germany by SYS Systemfiltration GmbH. The VITO was introduced to the European Market in 2001 and was imported to Canada in 2006. SYS Systemfiltration GmbH specializes in the production and sales of Filtration Units for Fats, Oil, and Aqueous Solutions for Industry and Food Applications. The VITO is selling in over 70 countries of the world through a network of Independent Dealers and Sales Reps.

The VITO Oil Filter System, with its advanced filtering technology, is capable of extracting over 95% of the suspended sediments, including carbon, from Frying Oil.