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Build consumer awareness about the benefits of eating at locations that “micro filter” the carbon from their oil, by displaying your Certified VITO Oil Filtration User decal.

Oil Tester

The Oil Tester is a convenient measuring instrument for fast checks of the age of cooking oils and fats.

Easy to clean, higenic in use, for fast and safe tests on cooking oil

These are the 3 crucial advantages of the new Oil Tester

1. Reliable, robust and easy to clean

Thanks to the washable protective case TopSafe, the measuring instrument is higenic and impact-proof. The TopSafe can be conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher

2. Sensor security

The sensor is embedded in metal and breakage-proof. A special protective layer makes it easy to clean and insensitive to scratching.

3. Easy handling of the oiltester

  • Alarm function
  • Automatic recognition of measurement end
    (Auto-Hold %Total Polar Compunts)
  • Easily legible, large display of values
  • Optional usable hand strap